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Cover page of The Comical Saying of Paddy From Cork, printed in black ink, featuring woodcut of male figure holding a scythe in a field, item title and printer information.
This chapbook contains a conversation between a man named Teague and his friend Tom. Teague describes to Tom the experiences of his lifelong travels, many of which have very comical undertones to them as Teague is not very bright.

Cover page of Fun Upon Fun ; or, Leper, the Tailor, features a woodcut of a beehive with a ribbon showing the motto Industry, Honesty, and Integrity. Also includes full title, printer information, and border. All Printed in black ink.
This chapbook contains the story of a young man who enjoys playing pranks on those he feels have treated him poorly. Also added is a selection of comical anecdotes.

This chapbook contains a tale of a group of young friends who travel to the Glasgow Fair. Upon consuming a bit to much alcohol hilarity begins to ensue as their inhibitions begin to wean. Also added is a humorous song about a man named Auld John…
This story contains the tale of a young African American boy. He is telling a story of his travels to a crowed as he dances and entertains them. :Jump Jim Crow" is a song and dance from 1828 that was done in blackgace by Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy…

This is the story of a young women named Margaret who dines with her minister and his friends. Due to her inexperience in such a situation she proceeds to make a fool of herself. Also added is a tale of abstinence from drinking alcohol.
This chapbook contains 24 pages of jokes, anecdotes, and interesting stories. While many of the selections in this chapbook are of the humorous variety the topics have a great deal of range and also contain general interest stories.
A collection of songs, from love stories to drinking songs. The first tells the tale of the Lord of Lochinvar who, after his courtship is rejected by his love’s father, steals the bride right from her wedding. In the second song, a young man meets a…
An exposition on economic policy, political reform, the benefits of teetotaling, which is presented as a dialogue between two rustic men as an appeal to the common people. It dwells at some length on the evils of drinking and the benefits that…
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