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Exhibit: A Groat's Worth of Wit for a Penny

This exhibit was created by the students of HIST 4170 (Winter 2013) and explores themes of romance, comedy, fairytales, alcohol use and abuse, Scots and non-Scots, and examples of heroism. 

Teaching Modules: High School

These lessons were created by Taylor Bulstrode and Sarah Marynowicz and provide high school history and English teachers with plans and activities exploring the stories of Cinderella, Mary Queen of Scots and William Wallace. 

Website: The Other Burns: 19th Century Scottish Chapbooks and the Mysterious Robert Burns of Hamilton

This website was created by Cameron Wheaton, a student of HIST 4170 (Winter 2014) and sets chapbooks to original music performed by Tyler Bridge. Click here to see this original website.

Exhibit: Ghosts and Superstition

This exhibit was created by Ross Baird, a student of HIST 4170 (Winter 2014) and explores the themes of ghosts and superstition. 

Fairy Tales: A Complex Narrative Space


This exhibit was created by Mikayla Heller, a student of ARTH 4800 (Winter 2018) and examines the wonder of fairy tales through their multiplicity of publications and mediums.