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Woodcut on title-page portraying a dancing man wearing hat and open jacket with raised hand
Told in first person, this autobiographic tale describes the life and miseries of Peter Williamson, who was kidnapped by slavers from the docks of Aberdeen when he was a child. Taken by the slavers to America, he was sold into bondage to a gentleman…

The subject of this ballad is parental opposition to the lovers, Jemmy and Nancy. Returning to England from a forced voyage to Barbados, Jemmy is pushed overboard by a fellow crewman on instructions from Nancy’s father. His ghost appears to Nancy,…

Woodcut on title-page of a dancing sailor wearing a hat and open jacket with raised hand.
"Jump Jim Crow" or "Jim Crow" is a song and dance from 1828 that was done inblackfaceby white minstrel performerThomas Dartmouth (T. D.) "Daddy" Rice. The song is speculated to have been taken fromJim Crow(sometimes called Jim Cuff or Uncle Joe), a…
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