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The first of the two songs is a Jacobite ballad on the battle of Sheriff-Muir, with a detailed description of the parts played by many individuals, including Rob Roy. The second song is of the singer’s longing for her sailor lover to return to her.…

This chapbook presents the traditional tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves presented for popular entertainment.In the story, Ali Baba is a poor woodcutter who discovers the secret of a thieves' den, entered with the phrase "Open Sesame". The…

A collection of three ballads. The first is the popular reel of Tullochgorum, followed by a song describing the courting of a Lowland lass by a Highland lad. The final song humorously portrays the courting of multiple young couples.

A tale of the love between a miller’s daughter and a trumpeter for the local lord. When her father finds out of the love between them, he forbids them to marry, although the lord gives his approval. While the trumpeter is away, the miller’s daughter…

A Robin Hood-like tale of three bowmen who have been living in the woods after being outlawed for poaching. One of the bowman, William of Cloudeslie, attempts to visit his wife and children in town, where he is welcomed by her but turned in by an old…

A short ballad or tale about Allan Tine O’Harrow – a Robin Hood-esque character who runs away from home after getting a maid with child. He travels to London where he joins the army and fights in Britain’s wars on the continent, whereafter he deserts…
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