Familiar Objects Described


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Woodcut on title-page portraying man wearing a top hat with arm linked to  a woman holding a parasol; building, wall, and trees in background (blue tint)
Woodcut portrays an older man with a hat, pointy nose and chin, a hunched back outside a home and is holding canes; Circle frame
Woodcut portrays a sunset/sunrise coming over hills/mountain, a cottage is set near a body of water; circle frame
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Woodcut portrays a bird nest with four baby birds with mouths open
Woodcut on title-page portraying bird perched on a tree branch
Woodcut portrays an outdoor scene; older man with bent knees, hunched back, pointy nose and chin holding a cane is talking to a young man with a top hat
Woodcut portrays an indoor scene where four children are interacting with various mathematical and geographical tools such as a globe
Woodcut portrays an indoor scene where a man is sitting on a chair reading to a young child who is sitting on his lap. The room has a window with sun shining through, and a table in front of the two figures.
Woodcut portrays a man sowing seed by hand
Woodcut portrays a woman grabbing wheat from ground; text explains it is a woman gathering corn that was dropped by the reaper
Woodcut portrays a beehive sitting on a bench with flora around it; Bees are flying around hive.
Woodcut portrays a still life of a flower arrangement in vase
Woodcut portrays an indoor scene of a woman sitting on a chair with hands reaching out to a baby in a bassinet
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Woodcut portrays a young woman who is downcast/sad, her elbow rests on a table and her face rests on her hand, a large vessel is also on the table; on blue paper


Familiar Objects Described


Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd




16 pages
10 cm



children's instruction book


Chapbooks - Scotland - Edinburgh


Archival & Special Collections, University of Guelph Library, Guelph, Ontario


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Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph Library, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


“Familiar Objects Described ,” Scottish Chapbooks, accessed August 18, 2022, https://scottishchapbooks.lib.uoguelph.ca/items/show/1075.